Saturday, March 31, 2012

Back in a (not so) Big Way

As evidenced by my previous posts, it should come as no surprise to you guys when I announce that I unabashedly love food. And despite my long posting hiatus, it should also not be surprising that I have continued to love food very publicly other places online in the past few years :). But, after all this time, what should truly be of note to you, dear reader, is that I am finally getting paid for it!!

Recently I got a new job as the Content Coordinator and Social Media Manager for an online blog: I love my job, I love my boss(es), and most of all, I love that I got to write a blog post about some gorgeous and delicious food posts from other bloggers...and I got paid for it!!

So check out my post Ten Best Healthy Eating Blogs and give me a shout out!