Thursday, May 15, 2008

Next Generation Restaurateurs

I have lost countless hours of my life to this repetitive and mind numbing game yet I still can't seem to put my mouse away. I'll share my latest obsession (okay maybe addiction) with you in the hopes that you'll get hooked on it too and maybe we can start some kind of support group.

Oh, and I highly reccomend the "Relax Mode" - wouldn't it be nice if I could do my real job as slow as possible without risk that the customers could leave? Call it a little passive-agressive roleplaying :).

Friday, May 9, 2008

May is National Burger Month!

There is nothing in the world that can make my mouth water quite like the smell of a thick, juicy, quarter-pound burger piled high with cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, ketcup, and mayonaise. I've tried for over a week to write this post and nothing would come together. I had found all these beautiful photos of hamburgers and cheseburgers but no words with which I could express my admiration of, obsession with, and frankly worship of this masterful piece of meat. Finally I realized that hamburgers didn't need me to talk for them. That if I posted them here in all of their succulent, savory, tender glory - they would say more for themselves than I ever could. So feast your eyes on this:
(Photo not taken by me)

(Photo not taken by me)

(Photo not taken by me)

(Photo not taken by me)

Monday, May 5, 2008

It's Crazy McDelicious

Today I read a really interesting post over at Grocery Eats blog. I found his post both awe inspiring and gut wrenching. On the one hand, I can almost imagine the meaty awesomeness that is this burger in all it's glory. On the other, I can feel my stomach churning at the thought of putting this steamy heap of garbage inside. If I was having such a strong and visceral reacation to this post, I couldn't even begin to imagine what other people thought, so I purveyed the comments. There were your usual "you're a terrible person for eating this" and "woah dude - awesome", but within the comments I found a particular gem that cracked me up so much, I just had to create an homage to this wonderful sandwhich and hillarious comment. Here's to you Angie :).
The Big MacChicken