Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm not dead!

Sorry for the complete lack of posts lately. I've been pretty busy celebrating my birthday and getting summer off to a dramatic start! Coming soon will be posts from my first annual birthday Taco Crawl and a homage to the best 'device' in my kitchen - the slow cooker :). For now, I'll leave you with some photos I grabbed off Flickr. I'm looking for inspiration to design my kitchen in my new apartment and these seem perfect! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.
(Photo not taken by me)

(Photo not taken by me)

(Photo not taken by me)

(Photo not taken by me)


Jennifer Maiser said...

Just a note that when you "grab photos from flickr" you should be giving credit to the photographer, and allowing the photo to link through to their source photo (like you did on the photo of you with a cat further up the blog) --

Just thought I'd mention before you make a flickr photog mad ...

Amanda said...

You're totally right Jennifer! At first I didn't realize that, but eventually it occured to me that other people might actually read this blog :) so I started linking my later posts. I am going to make linking my earlier posts a priority as soon as I get a chance.